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If you are a tourist who is in Kota Kinabalu or is planning to go there, you’ll want to know what to expect from the destination, and what is the best way to go sightseeing and generally move through the city.

While many tourists decide to walk long distances or use public transport, there are other ways of transporting yourself from one side of the city to another. One of the best ways to do this is to rent a car. Prices are not expensive, but different rental services and cars will also differ in price. Try to ask around on forums or simply google it up.

Renting a car has its many beneficial sides, and one of these things is that you will have more comfort. Instead of going through crowds of busy and possibly nervous people where there is not much air around, you can keep it classy and rent a car for you and your friends or family. You can easily follow the map of the city.

The first thing that is much better when compared to public transport is that you are not bound to fixed stations. You can go where ever you please. For example, you might want to go and visit a pub that is not located anywhere around any public transport stops. Having a car is having freedom to go everywhere where there’s road.

Second thing is that public transport is usually working only during the day and ends at midnight. There are special transports that go only during the night, but there are just a few bus lines that go very rarely after midnight. Having a car will surely overcome this problem.

If you hate being dependent on official schedules, and like being free to decide where and how do you want to go, renting a car is the perfect option for the best possible touristic experience.

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