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We are now accepting guest posts from fellow bloggers and writers on

When we first dreamed up this website, sharing the stories of other travellers was a big part of our mission statement. Things have been hectic but we finally have some breathing space to focus on contributed material. We hope you’ll share your story with our readers.

Here are some guidelines for guest posting with us:

The topic can be anything related to travel in Sabah, Borneo. We welcome personal stories, destination guides, thoughtful posts on why you travel, international work and volunteer experiences, expat issues and experiences, festivals, events, photo essays and articles on other related topics.

Please do a quick search of our site to make sure the topic you wish to write about hasn’t already been covered here, but otherwise we’re quite open to subject matter.

We will read each post for content and quality and may come back to you with suggested or required changes prior to publishing (usually only in the event of grammatical errors or inappropriate content).

Your post may not appear anywhere else on the internet, either now or in the future.

The post should be about your own experiences, not those of someone else or a researched article about a place you’ve never been to, or an experience you’ve never had.

You must include at least three quality photos (we have the final say on what is ‘quality’) that you have the rights to publish. They must be 800 pixels wide as this is the final size we use on our blog.

Inclusion of a personal biography (two to three sentences will suffice) and a personal link is required. You may also include links for up to two of your social media profiles.

Any email submissions from companies or persons looking to guest post for commercial reasons*, each publication costs USD$200.00. Posts will go live within 3 days.

*”Commercial reasons” in this instance refers to posts containing a link to your client and/or posts written with the sole purpose of obtaining a backlink to a website that is not an independent, personal travel website owned by you, the writer.

Ready to submit?

It would be ideal if you could pitch your idea before sending through the material. This ensures that your time isn’t wasted. The only reason we would reject a guest post is if the above guidelines haven’t been followed but it doesn’t hurt to double check.

All spam will be reported and deleted so spammers please don’t bother.

Guest posts will go onto the editorial calendar on a first-come, first-served basis. Please give yourself a deadline and let me know what it is when you email me so I can schedule your post accordingly.

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