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Next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, with millions upon millions of cups of tea being consumed every day. Because of this, it seems that tea has been over commercialized, and not a lot of people seem to enjoy the experience of drinking tea for its natural aroma, rounded flavour and numerous health benefits.
Fortunately, there is a place in the world where you can get a whole new perspective when it comes to tea and have a sip of this wonderful drink right from where it is grown. This is the Sabah Tea Garden, a tea drinkers paradise right in the heart of Sabah, Malaysia.

Sabah Tea Garden: Tea Lovers Heaven

It wasn’t long ago that Sabah Tea Garden came into the landscape of Sabah, turning this place into a tea lovers haven.

About 28 years ago, the Prime Minister of Malaysia made the mouth of Kota Kinabalu a tea plantation. It would take ten years and a private company to turn this simple idea into a piece of tea paradise, by privatising the area and developing it further into what is known as the Sabah Tea Garden today.

Today, this Garden serves as a benchmark for tea plantations in the region, if not the world as a place where you can get healthy and golden quality tea for your well-being and tea drinking needs.

You can also make that experience be even better by making the Garden a refuge for tranquillity, wellness and comfort through a number of accommodations and activities available around the plantation.

Experiencing Sabah Tea Garden

There are a number of options available for you on how you can experience the garden for yourself. You can go to the tea garden itself and experience the lush and growing tea leaves and be right at the heart of it all.

You can also arrange for a day tour inside the tea garden so that you can enjoy and experience how tea is made, from the fresh leaf picked from the plantation, to the cup of tea that you can easily recognize.

Fancy a night stay surrounded by tea leaves?

If you want to stay for the night, there are a number of accommodations available for you in the plantation. These accommodation options are as traditional or as luxurious as you would want them to be, depending on the style of the room and the place where you prefer to stay.

Its always nice to have different options, and in the Gardens, you are likely to not have a lodging arrangement that wouldn’t suit your discriminating or adventurous taste.

You can stay in a traditional Malaysian Longhouse with all of the basic necessities, but you can also stay in the tea Gardens bungalow a luxurious accommodation where you can hire an in house cook and maid service to look after your needs.

No matter what price point you may have, you can easily fit into the many option available in this tea garden.

How to go to Sabah Tea Garden

From Kuala Lumpur, you can take a plane to Ranau. Upon arriving at Ranau, its only 20 kilometers to Sabah Tea Gardens, so you can take and mode of transportation that you may prefer.

Likewise, you can arrange for airport pickup through the Gardens, and they will likely be of help to you.

Once you have arrived in the Tea Gardens, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Likewise, you can try the many different activities within the tea Gardens and you can have a wonderful and complete experience while drinking the freshest and the best cup of tea that you can ever have in your life.


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